Michael H. Stone, Otto F. Kernberg - The Anatomy of Evil (Unabridged)
English | Size: 442.36 MB
Category: Psychology / Body Language

In this groundbreaking book, renowned psychiatrist Michael H. Stone explores the concept and reality of evil from a new perspective. In an in-depth discussion of the personality traits and behaviors that constitute evil across a wide spectrum, Dr. Stone takes a clarifying scientific approach to a topic that for centuries has been inadequately explained by religious doctrines.

Stone has created a 22-level hierarchy of evil behavior, which loosely reflects the structure of Dante's Inferno. Basing his analysis on the detailed biographies of more than 600 violent criminals, he traces two salient personality traits that run the gamut from those who commit crimes of passion to perpetrators of sadistic torture and murder. One trait is narcissism, as exhibited in people who are so self-centered that they have little or no ability to care about their victims. The other is aggression, the use of power over another person to inflict humiliation, suffering, and death.
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Anatomy III by 3D4Medical (Bundle) for MAC 180711

Anatomy III by 3D4Medical (Bundle) for MAC 180711

Anatomy III by 3D4Medical (Bundle) for MAC | 4.77 GB

Human anatomy is fundamental and foundational discipline dealing with the study of form and structure of the human body at the various stages of its development. Human Anatomy - the science of the structure of the human body, its organs and systems components.
Human Anatomy deals with the study of the human body according to the function it performs, development and the environment.

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The Anatomy of Prose

Marjorie Boulton, "The Anatomy of Prose"
2013 | ISBN-10: 0415722225 | 204 pages | PDF | 7 MB

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Ryan Holiday - Conspiracy: Peter Thiel, Hulk Hogan, Gawker, and the Anatomy of Intrigue
English | Size: 317.74 MB
Category: Misc: Audio

In 2007, a short blogpost on Valleywag, the Silicon Valley vertical of Gawker Media, outed PayPal founder and billionaire investor Peter Thiel as gay. Thiel's sexuality had been known to close friends and family, but he didn't consider himself a public figure, and believed the information was private.

This post would be the casus belli for a meticulously plotted conspiracy that would end nearly a decade later with a $140 million dollar judgment against Gawker, its bankruptcy and with Nick Denton, Gawker's CEO and founder, out of a job. Only later would the world learn that Gawker's demise was not incidental - it had been masterminded by Thiel.
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Caroline Myss - Energy Anatomy
English | Size: 123.57 MB
Category: Energy Healing

12 mp3 each app 45 - 50min
We stand at the threshold of a new era in medicine and healing. Today, instead of looking at the human body as a biological machine, we know it is a vast energetic network, where spirit, matter, and power intersect. On Energy Anatomy, you will learn to view your health through a spiritual/biological lens to offer a new picture of how the human body heals. Your body has a physical anatomy, which is the basis of conventional medicine, but it also has an energetic system – as well defined as bones and tissue – that represents your "energy anatomy."
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Artistic Anatomy - Richer-Hale English
English | Size: 266.9MB
Category: Tutorial

"Artistic Anatomy is widely acknowledged to be the greatest book of its kind since the Renaissance. The original French edition, now a rare collector's item, was published in 1889 and was probably used as a resource by Renoir, Braque, Degas, Bazille, and many others. The English-language edition, first published 35 years ago, brings together the nineteenth century's greatest teacher of artistic anatomy, Paul Richer, and the twentieth century's most renowned teacher of anatomy and figure drawing, Robert Beverly Hale, who translated and edited the book for the modern reader. Now Watson-Guptill is proud to reissue this dynamic classic with an anniversary sticker, sure to inspire drawing students well into our century."
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Atlas of Feline Anatomy For Veterinarians, Second Edition

Atlas of Feline Anatomy For Veterinarians, Second Edition
Teton NewMedia | English | 2010 | ISBN-10: 1591610443 | 264 pages | PDF, EPUB | 46.14 + 41.43 mb
by Lola Hudson (Author),? William Hamilton (Author)

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Guts The Anatomy of The Walking Dead [Audiobook]

Guts: The Anatomy of The Walking Dead [Audiobook] by Paul Vigna
English | October 3rd, 2017 | ASIN: B073ZKDVFN, ISBN: 1538455161 | kbps | 8 hrs 49 mins | 243.03 MB
Narrator: Graham Halstead
In this first and only guide to AMC's exceptional hit series The Walking Dead, the Wall Street Journal's Walking Dead columnist celebrates the show and its storylines, characters, and development and examines its popularity and cultural resonance.

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Fundamentals of Anatomy & Physiology
Fundamentals of Anatomy & Physiology by Judi L. Nath
English | 4 Sep . 2014 | ISBN: 1292057211, 032192861X | 1296 Pages | PDF | 168.55 MB

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Anatomy of a Crisis Education, Development, and the State in Cambodia, 1953-1998

David M. Ayres, "Anatomy of a Crisis: Education, Development, and the State in Cambodia, 1953-1998"
2000 | pages: 271 | ISBN: 0824822382 | PDF | 0,9 mb

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