Addison-Wesley Professional Core Java 9 10 for the.Impatient-XQZT
English | Size: 5.89 GB
Category: Tutorial

Core Java 9/10 for the Impatient LiveLessons by Cay S. Horstmann is a concise guide that includes all the latest changes up to Java SE 9 and 10. This training pairs with the recently released second edition of Core Java® SE 9 for the Impatient, which has been fully updated to cover Java SE 9 and 10.

Horstmann’s practical insights and sample code help you quickly take advantage of all that’s new, from Java SE 9’s long-awaited “Project Jigsaw” module system to the improvements first introduced in Java SE 8, including lambda expressions and streams.

What You Will Learn
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English | Size: 6.17 GB
Category: Tutorial

| || PGA would like to say this is one of the best comp-sci math : |
| || tutorials we have seen out. It is a requisite for anyone who : |
| || wishes to be a proper programmer / engineer... Too many : |
| || 'programmers' know syntax these days but do not know the : |
| || fundamental math behind why things work as they do. This is : |
| || essential groundwork for the future programmer or person who : |
| || codes but, does not have a deeper understanding of why things : |
| || are developed under certain pretexts.
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Addison-Wesley Professional - Learn Python 3 the Hard Way
English | Size: 6.84 GB
Category: Tutorial

You Will Learn Python!
Zed Shaw has perfected the world's best system for learning Python. Follow it and you will succeed-just like the hundreds of thousands of beginners Zed has taught to date! You bring the discipline, commitment, and persistence; the author supplies everything else.
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Addison-Wesley Professional - Amazon Web Services AWS LiveLessons
English | Size: 2.35 GB
Category: Tutorial

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Lesson 1: AWS Overview
3. Lesson 2: Security in AWS
4. Lesson 3: Networking in AWS
5. Lesson 4: Computing in AWS
6. Lesson 5: Storage in AWS
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Addison-Wesley Professional - ReactJS Fundamentals and Advanced
English | Size: 2.31 GB

ReactJS Fundamentals provides a conceptual understanding of React, an open-source javascript framework from Facebook, and gets you started with writing React code while utilizing advanced javascript and modern es6 features.

Advanced ReactJS looks at the libraries that make React a complete front-end solution for building applications. First, React router is covered, which is the de facto standard React routing solution. Next, the training looks at Flux, the original data management pattern for large React apps. Then, the training covers the fundamentals of Redux, an extremely popular data management library inspired by Flux. Finally, the video series discusses strategies and libraries that are useful for testing react applications.
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Addison - Wesley Professional-Data Science Fundamentals

Addison - Wesley Professional - Data Science Fundamentals
Duration: 16h 15m | Video: h264, yuv420p, 1280x720 30fps | Audio: AAC 48KHz 2ch | 1.1 GB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English

The Rough Cuts/Sneak Peek program provides early access to Pearson video products. Content for titles in this program is made available throughout the development cycle, so products may not be complete, edited, or finalized, including video post-production editing.
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Addison Wesley - Introduction to Information Security

English | Size: 6.10 GB (6,549,855,077 Bytes)
Category: CBTs

5+ Hours of Video Instruction
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